Eastside Storage Phase 2 & 3
Alexandria Township, MN

Eastside Storage Phase 2 & 3
Alexandria Township, MN

Services Provided

Hagstrom Engineering was contracted to provide Civil Engineering services for the 2nd and 3rd Phase for Eastside Storage located in Alexandria Township, MN.

The expansion projects included preliminary site layout and final design of seven storage buildings with a combined total size of approximately 54,000 SF and covers approximately 5.0 acres. HE designed the pad grading, drive aisles, site drainage, and the SWPPP. Site storm water runoff is managed with two wet-bottom detention ponds meeting MPCA and township requirements, both ponds were designed as part of this scope.

Phase 3 is currently under construction.

    • Civil Engineering
      • Site Layout and Design
      • Site Grading Plans
      • Roadway Design
      • Storm Water Management and Design
      • Erosion Control (SWPPP)