Crossing Waters Subdivision – Waconia, MN

Client: Song River Holdings

Design Team: Song River Holdings, Hagstrom Engineering, Stoeckel Jahner Surveying, Granite City Environmental

Jurisdiction: Waconia, MN, Carver County, MN

Project Description: Provide site planning, civil engineering design and entitlement processing for a 72 acre single family subdivision.


Project Details: The Crossing Waters Subdivision is a 72 acre parcel of land located in Waconia Township in Carver County, MN. It is specifically located on the northwest corner of State HWY 284 and Elm Creek Road just south of the City of Waconia. Due to the project being located outside of the City limits it is necessary to annex the property into the City and also process a comprehension plan amendment. The annexation was required so that the site would have access to City water and sanitary and would allow for the rezoning of the property to a residential use. Hagstrom Engineering is currently working with the client on the preliminary site layout for a Sketch Plan submittal to the City. Once the Sketch Plan has received approval from the City Council a Preliminary Plat will be processed. The Preliminary Plat will include the layout of all lotting and Right of Way as well as preliminary grading, utility, drainage and erosion control design. Along with the Preliminary Plat, Hagstrom Engineering will prepare an Engineering Cost Estimate for the client to review as part of their feasibility study for the site. Once we have approval of the Preliminary Plat the Final Plat will be prepared. It is anticipated that this project will be phased into one or two filings. This project also requires approval through Carver County for the stormwater detention and design using their Stormwater Design Criterial. This includes conformance to the National Urban Runoff Program (NURP) for all onsite stormwater detention and water quality. Construction of this project is anticipated to begin in 2015.