Buysse Subdivision – Pope County, MN

Client: Dennis Buysse, Private Land Owner

Design Team: Hagstrom Engineering, Stoeckel Jahner Surveying

Jurisdiction: Pope County, Leven Township, Glenwood Township

Project Description: Provide site planning, civil engineering design, wetland mitigation and entitlement processing for a single-family development along Amelia Lake in Pope County.



Project Details: The Buysse Subdivision is a 13.79-acre parcel of land located along the southeast portion of Lake Amelia which is located in Pope County in both Leven and Glenwood Townships. The intent of the land owner was to subdivide the property into seven individual lots and construct a township road for access. The main challenge for this project was access as the land owner at the end of the existing road had purchased a 10’ piece of land to prohibit development to this parcel. The other issue with the access is that the road had to fit between Amelia Lake and an existing wetland and there wasn’t adequate room. The first issue with the adjacent land owner was resolved by working with the townships to gain the necessary access easement across his property. The second issue with the wetland required the land owner to purchase wetland credits from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR). This required a submittal process through the local governing unit (LGU) which is the Pope Soil & Water District and once that was approved to purchase the Wetland Credits from the Minnesota Wetland Bank run by BWSR. The development also required a cul-d-sac at the end of the township road with a drainage swale along the lake side of the development. This drainage swale was collect by a water quality and detention infiltration pond. After working through these issues along with others the project was completed, and several homes are currently under construction on the site.